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Why is it that when we invest in one of the largest investments ever, we don’t have the chance to learn more about it, or try it out for a night like we do when we shop for other items? With Vancouver's latest real estate trend, we've seen people putting offers with no subjects, all-cash deals, and other crazy strategies that make can scare many people from even trying to get into the market.

You need to know what you’re getting into when viewing a home. Working with my team, we can help. In the last 20+ years, we've built & renovated houses, added basement suites, worked with the City of Burnaby to pull permits and we've built great relationships along the way. 

Before you start your house-hunt, contact Ida for a free consultation.

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Working with a Realtor® in Burnaby

Working with a realtor® who has a great understanding of houses in Burnaby is important for anyone whether they are looking to buy their first home or invest.

The last 10 years we've seen the housing market  It’s important to know whether you are downsizing or upsizing, whether or not you drive, or bus, or like hikes. It’s also important to know your future plans, for example, if you need an Inlaw suite or a basement suite to help with your monthly payment.

Over the last 20 years, real estate has had its ups and downs however in Vancouver we’ve seen massive growth because of some of these new rules of having multi-family development.

Buying Real Estate in Burnaby, BC

We have several connections in the industry and can help guide you into establishing your wealth and investments. Give us a call and see if we’re right fit for your residential real estate needs.

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