A Property Guide For Buyers in Burnaby

Why is it that when we make a large investment, such as buying a house, we don't have the opportunity to learn more about it or test it out before committing? In the Burnaby real estate market, aggressive strategies have been implemented such as buying without contingencies, or offering a much higher amount than the asking price which can intimidate many potential buyers.

However, by working with an experienced realtor, the process will be made easier.  Ida will walk you through every step, explain the procedures, and be a trusted source of information to ensure a successful purchase.  With 20 years of experience in purchasing, building and renovating properties, including working with the City of Burnaby to obtain permits, Ida has built a vast sphere of service providers to aid with real estate goals and has nurtured many relationships along the way.

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Working with a Realtor® in Burnaby

Working with a Realtor® who has a great understanding of the real estate market in Burnaby is important for anyone wanting to get in to the market. Whether you are a first time buyer, an investor, someone who is downsizing, or for a growing family it’s also  important to consider your lifestyle, your transportation needs, and future plans.

Buying Real Estate in Burnaby, BC

There are several steps necessary to complete a real estate purchase.  And it is imperative to perform due diligence to guarantee the property being bought meets the criteria of the client. Having a trusted realtor, with connections and expertise of the industry, will be crucial in the buying process.

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