A Property Guide For Sellers in Burnaby

There are many aspects to consider when selling your home in Burnaby. There is an emotional attachment to deal with, as well as the financial commitment and future lifestyle change. Selling a home is a huge deal. And one that should be handled by a trusted party. A realtor will be able to advise on market trends and pricing structures. Marketing the property accordingly will ensure the right buyers are targeted, and having the right negotiator will lead to a favourable outcome.

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Social Media & Online Exposure

Each listing is meticulously shared across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more than 25 leading online real estate publications like REW.ca, Realtor.ca, Juwai.com, and List Hub. Through our extensive digital network, including organic and paid advertising reach, your home gains the exposure needed to achieve top-dollar results.

Cinematic Video Experiences

With buyers hailing from diverse backgrounds today, it's becoming more typical for them to appoint a representative or family member to inspect homes for them. Through our video tours, buyers can immerse themselves in and feel a connection to the seller's property no matter where they are, ensuring your listing gains the worldwide visibility it merits.

Professional Photography

Collaborating with top-tier professionals in real estate photography, Ida delivers photos that exceed expectations, earning features in various architectural and design publications and gaining traction on social media platforms, capturing the attention of discerning buyers.


Luxury Brochures

Understanding that her clients have devoted considerable time, effort, and resources to perfecting their homes, Ida believes that the dedication to quality and attention to detail shouldn't stop there. Upon listing, our clients' homes will receive brochure designs of magazine quality, featuring photos, floor plans, and comprehensive information that buyers can take with them for later review.


Comprehensive Floor Plans

Providing a comprehensive floor plan of your home enhances potential buyers' ability to envision the space and assess its suitability for their requirements. This floor plan will complement stunning photography and immersive cinematic video tours, igniting excitement and interest among potential buyers as they explore your home virtually.

Private Tours & Broker’s Open House

At your home's inaugural Broker's Open House, we go the extra mile to ensure a personalized experience for both agents and buyers. From tailored invitations and calls to offering refreshments and comprehensive listing packages, every detail is meticulously arranged to showcase your home in a professional and refined manner. Our guided tours highlight the distinctive features and attributes of your home, capturing the attention of potential buyers and agents alike.

A Multi-Platform Strategy

Our marketing strategy encompasses a range of powerful tools to ensure maximum exposure for your property. We utilize professionally designed direct mail campaigns, leverage print distribution in prominent magazines and newspapers, and employ targeted advertising on platforms such as Google and Instagram. Through captivating storytelling content, we highlight the unique appeal of your property to attract potential buyers. Additionally, we implement custom email campaigns tailored to both international and local databases. Our proactive approach extends to public relations outreach, securing earned media coverage to further amplify your property's visibility. With dedicated property websites and effective SEO strategies, we aim to optimize online presence and drive engagement with your listing.


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