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Ocean front Property

Port Moody is located in Metro Vancouver within an area known as Tri-Cities, which incorporates Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody. PoMo is the smallest of the Tri-Cities. Burnaby borders it on the west and Coquitlam on the east and south.

Port Moody Homes For Sale

About Port Moody

The occupants of this region were the Squamish and Musqueam bands of the Coast Salish people. Their ancestors settled in the Lower Mainland for 8,000 years. They used Port Moody to hunt, fish, and gather shellfish. The eastern end of Burrard Inlet has their summer campsites and Indian artifacts.

Non-indigenous people started to settle in the region in the 1800s. Fur traders frequently visited the area. Gold prospectors arrived during the Cariboo Gold Rush in 1858 and the need to come up with a back-door defence for New West emerged. The following year, the Royal Engineers were sent to clear a trail. The trail, later named North Road, would allow the shipment of military supplies and personnel in Burrard Inlet if New West was attacked from the south. No attack happened, but a town started to grow.
Notable changes began in 1886 when Port Moody was named the original Pacific terminus of the transcontinental railroad- later extended to Vancouver. Many new residents occupied the town, and the railroad and harbour provided great opportunities for both light and heavy industries.

Port Moody was incorporated as a city in 1913.

Port Moodys Essential Qualities


Port Moody is a bit expensive than the other Tri-Cities areas. Nevertheless, when it comes to community living and investing, you have to look at what the community offers, and Port Moody will not disappoint you.


Are you a dog lover? Port Moody is dog-friendly with easy access to dog parks, off-leash trails and doggy daycares.

Arts and Culture

Port Moody is commonly known as the City of the Arts and is among the regions with a high level of employment in the arts and culture sector. The city is home to the cultural hub for arts and education (the Port Moody Arts Centre) that offers more than 300 classes in the arts to students of all ages.

Housing Market in Port Moody

Housing in the neighbourhood ranges from older woodframe to luxury houses to an increasing number of mixed-use retail and residential condo towers.

50 Electronic Avenue

50 Electronic Avenue is a new condominiums development by the Panatch Group located at 50 Electronic Avenue. The new community has a total of 358 units. The homes are situated across the street from Rocky Point Park.

Why Port Mort Moody?

A great city with plenty of amenities

Port Moody is a great city with plenty of amenities. It is a place where people can call home. Also, it’s near Vancouver. That makes it an ideal place for commuters who work in the big city. Are you thinking about investing and living in Port Moody? The area has a perfect balance between nature and city.

Port Moody Homes For Sale

Port Moody Living

Historic & Beautiful

Who Is Port Moody For?


Looking to buy a new home or invest in real estate? Port Moody is the top community to invest in. With so many residential developments happening, the city is a great place for anyone who wants to invest, whether short-term or long-term investment.


Port Moody is a great place for families raising children, young and old couples. The city has some amazing shops, restaurants, local breweries, and schools. If you love nature, PoMo will get you sorted.

What To Do In
Port Moody

Visit Rocky Point Park

Rocky Point Park is a popular park in Port Moody, featuring a wide selection of recreational amenities. The park offers walking and biking trails, an outdoor pool, playground, wildlife viewing and more. If you love outdoor activities, be sure to visit this park.

Nature Walk at Bunzten Lake

Bunzten Lake is a recreation spot offering hiking and horseback trail. It's a nice place to take a leisurely walk. The lake is also a filming venue, popular for playing a part in Lake Placid.

Attend an Event/Festival at Inlet Theatre and Galleria

The Inlet Theatre is a special spot home to a variety of thrilling events and unique festivals. It's an excellent place to visit with your family. Here you'll find exciting local ceremonies throughout the year. The theatre is also a great venue for special events like anniversaries or wedding ceremonies.

Relax at White Pine Beach

White Pine is a famous place in Port Moody to relax with your family or friends. The place features two sandy beaches with picnic tables and swimming.

Step back in time at Port Moody Station Museum

This is a small museum but offers interesting educational programs and other exhibits. If you love history, be sure to explore the museum.

Shop at Pinball Alley

If you love things from the 50s to the 70s, this small store has a variety of them, ranging from used vinyl records to vintage clothing to toys to household items. Visit the store frequently to check what new item will bring good memories.

Explore the Brewers Row

Brewers Row offers a variety of local brews. It is located along Murray Street, bordering Rocky Point Park. The four breweries making up the "Brewers Row" include Twin Sails Brewing, Yellow Dog Brewing, Parkside Brewery, and Moody Ales. Visit any of these breweries and enjoy the taste of local beers.

Visit Port Moody Arts Centre

Enjoy the art from local artists at this old building. Port Moody Arts Centre offers all kinds of classes including music, performing arts, painting, drawing and more. In addition, there is a gift shop at the arts centre.

Visit Port Moody Public Library

If you love reading, Port Moody Public Library is a must-visit. Everyone in your family can be sure to enjoy it. The library offers a vast selection of books, ebooks, audiobooks and movies.

Walk through the Shoreline Park

If you love nature, Shoreline Park is a nice place for a stroll. The park features walking trails and paved biking trails. You will enjoy the spectacular views of the Burrard Inlet.

Explore Silk Art Gallery

Silk Art Gallery specializes in fine floral art from local and international artists. It's a great place to spend your weekends with family.

Picnic at Sasamat Lake

Sasamat is among the warmest lakes in the region. The lake boasts a floating bridge at the south and hiking trails. It's a fantastic place to go for a picnic with your family and friends.

Port Moody Rental Market

The rental market primarily comprises townhouses, detached homes, condos, and low-rise apartments for rent. The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Port Moody remained flat. The average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment remained flat.

What Is Port Moody Known For

Port Moody Landmarks

Port Moody Offers


If you have school-going children, it is important to choose a city that has accessible schools. Port Moody has two public high schools, two middle schools and seven elementary schools. The city provides high-quality education for all and is served by Schools District 43.


With more than 35% of the area dedicated to green space, Park Moody is surrounded by beautiful parks and trails for everyone to enjoy. You will find great places to play, including at Kyle Park, Inlet Field Park, Rocky Point Park, Town Centre Park and many more.


There is always something fun and exciting to do in Port Moody year-round, whether it’s winter, summer, or spring. Watch can-can dancers at the Golden Spike Days Festival in July, or release chum salmon into Noons Creek at the Fingerling Festival in May- whichever suits your lifestyle.


Commuting to another Lower Mainland area and shopping in other Tri-Cities is now easier than ever. Evergreen Extension of the Millennium Line, which runs right through the heart of the city, makes moving around easy. The area is pedestrian and cyclist-friendly, with bike lanes and easily walkable streets.

Shop in Port Moody

Port Moody has plenty of unique shops to meet all your shopping needs. To find one of the city’s amazing shops, visit the Suter Brook Village, Heritage Mountain Shoppers Village, Newport Village, Clark Street, or St. John Street.


Access to Bridges & HWYs and multiple cities

Commuting to another Lower Mainland area and shopping in other Tri-Cities is now easier than ever. Evergreen Extension of the Millennium Line, which runs right through the heart of the city, makes moving around easy. The area is pedestrian and cyclist-friendly, with bike lanes and easily walkable streets.

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YVR AIRPORT: 45 min*
USA BORDER: 55 min to Pacific Hwy Crossing
SURREY: 20 min
BC FERRIES: 50 min* (Tsawwassen)
SKYTRAIN STATION: There are 2 Skytrain stations conveniently located in Port Moody:

  1. Inlet Centre Station
  2. Moody Centre Station

All times are approximates based on driving times.