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If you are looking for a desirable city with a beautiful natural environment to live, work and play in, consider buying real estate in Burnaby, BC. The city has everything you need for living right from birth to grave. Additionally, it has high-quality education. Here is a list of high schools in the city:

Public Schools

Alpha Secondary

Alpha Secondary School is at 930 Alpha Avenue. The school is best known for supporting international students and offering a safe, caring, and supportive environment. It offers a strong academic program with a range of Honours and Advanced Placement courses for the top students.

Burnaby Central Secondary School

Burnaby Central Secondary School is situated at 6011 Deer Park across from Burnaby City Hall. The school operates on a system that enables learners to complete a two-year course in one year. It serves the Central Valley region of Burnaby.

Burnaby Mountain Secondary School

Burnaby Mountain Secondary School is located at 8800 Eastlake Drive, Burnaby, at the intersection with Beaverbrook Drive. Its name is derived from the nearby Burnaby Mountain, which is also home to Simon Fraser University.

Burnaby North Secondary School

Burnaby North Secondary School is situated at 751 Hammarskjold Drive and encompasses two buildings. The school provides the largest Advanced Placement (AP) program in the country and has excellent extracurricular activities.

Burnaby South Secondary School

Burnaby South Secondary School is situated at 5455 Rumble Street and serves the South Slope, Burnaby Neighborhood, and Southern Burnaby. It is an international school that offers a diverse array of courses, making it a safe and exciting place to work and study.

Byrne Creek Community School

Byrne Creek Community School is at 7777 18th Street, Burnaby, and serves the Edmonds area. The school has consistently been ranked top in student satisfaction, dance, media arts, musical theatre, and science.

Cariboo Hill Secondary School

Cariboo Hill Secondary School is located at 8580 16th Avenue. It is the smallest school in Burnaby and offers international students a family-like environment. The school is the office and testing centre for Burnaby Online School.

Moscrop Secondary School

Moscrop Secondary School is located at Moscrop Street, Burnaby. The school serves grades eight through twelve, and it is among the three high schools in Burnaby that offers French Immersion program.


Private Schools

Carver Christian High School

Abbreviated to CCHS, Carver Christian High School is at 7650 Sapperton Avenue, Burnaby. The school was a Christian independent secondary school in Burnaby.

John Knox Christian School (JKCS)

JKCS is a Christian independent K-12 school located at 260 12th Street New Westminster. It offers progressive and exceptional Christian education.

St. Thomas More Collegiate (STMC)

St. Thomas More Collegiate is a catholic co-educational independent private school located in Burnaby, 7450 12th Avenue.

Deer Lake School

Deer Lake School is located at 5550 Gilpin Street, Burnaby. It is a Seventh-day Adventist school and offers a Christian educational system. Are you looking for a reliable real estate agent in Burnaby?

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