Top Ten Dog Parks in Burnaby


Burnaby Dog Park

Are you a dog lover and are looking for a great place for your dog to run, play and socialize with others in Burnaby? There are several sites where your pet can play safely. In a nutshell, buying or
renting a house in Burnaby is the best family investment. The city has excellent shopping centres and restaurants, family-friendly communities, good education, and a great transit system. In this
article, I will help you get out of the house by sharing with you some dog-friendly spots I think you and your dog will enjoy! Remember to read the rules for letting your dog play in the parks. Also, ensure your dog has a dog license tag and leash.

  1. Confederation Park’s Off-Leash Trail

The park is located at 250 Willington Avenue, across Penzance Drive. It is known as among the best off-leash trails in northern Burnaby. The trail has two enclosed areas- one for small dogs and a loop
trail accessible all year round. Enjoy your outdoor adventure along the 1.4km trail while being surrounded by BC’s natural beauty.

  1. Burnaby Heights Park

The off-leash enclosure located at 3877 Eton Street has a water fountain just for your dog. There are benches and enough space in the enclosed area for anyone who wants to visit the park, with or
without a dog. Remember to carry your sunscreen as there is not as much shade from the sun as there is in other parks. The area is accessible year-round.

  1. Robert Burnaby Park

Robert Burnaby Park is located within East Burnaby, 8155 Wedgewood Street. The park includes an open off-leash area and a shared trail. There is also a tennis court, playground, picnic area, and an
outdoor swimming area. If you are a nature lover, this is a must-visit! The park has access 24/7/365.

  1. Barnet Marine Park

Barnet Marine Park is situated at 8181 Barnet road. It has a trail and open area for off-leash with seasonal time restrictions. The vast sandy beach is a good spot to swim during summer. The foreshore
leg section of Drummonds Walk passes through the park where you can play with your “buddy.”

  1. David Gray Park

David Gray Park is situated at 7480 McKay Avenue. It is a large fenced spot to let your dog run free. There is a nearby water fountain your dog can drink water from if they get thirsty. If you are
concerned about your dog roaming around a non-fenced off-leash area, this is the best park for you!

  1. Burnaby Mountain Park

Burnaby Mountain Park is located at 100 Centennial Way in Burnaby Mountain Centennial Rose Garden. It has one of the most beautiful views in the Burnaby area, including the gorgeous views of
Metrotown, downtown Vancouver, the North Shore Mountains, and the ocean. Remember to bring your sweater as the trail is in the middle of the Burnaby Mountain Conservation area, and the air is quite

  1. Taylor Park

Taylor Park is located at 7599 Mission Avenue, and it is enclosed with access throughout the year. The park is a fun spot not only for your Dog but for the whole family. On top of the off-leash park,
there is a ball hockey court, a disc swing, basketball court, a bike park, a casual sports field, a picnic area, and some fantastic mosaics artwork performed by local high school art students. You can
access the area through the pedestrian trail connecting from Southpoint Drive. There is also a drinking fountain for your dog.

  1. Malvern Park

Malvern Park is a fully fenced and gated off-leash enclosure situated at 7410 Morley Drive. It includes a large fenced dog park and off-leash trails to walk in. There is a field with grass beside the
main parking area that makes it convenient for easy parking. There is also a drinking fountain for your dog.

  1. Burnaby Lake Regional Park

Burnaby Lake regional park is a great spot to chill for the whole family, including your dog. Although the biggest part requires your pet to be on a leash, there is a fenced off-leash park close to
the northern entrance of Piper Spit (the nature house). The park has many birds and wildlife inhabiting in this area. The spot is calm and peaceful.

  1. Deer Lake Park

The park is located at 5435 Sperling Avenue, in a peaceful natural environment that serves as the cultural centre for Burnaby. It has walking trails and wide-open spaces. You can bring your dog along
the off-leash trail here and enjoy all kinds of activities. You can rent a boat, go out in a canoe, go for a morning jog or bike riding, picnic or paddle a kayak. For all your real estate matters, do
not hesitate to speak to Ida Federico, your Burnaby REALTOR®.